Phone box on Podsmead Road to be kept

Back in 2020 I was contacted about the possible removal of some phone boxes in Podsmead.

Several were removed but this one on Podsmead Road was given a stay, due to the pandemic.

I was told that it would be being removed in 2021/22, then that it would be kept after all, but repaired.

It has been vandalised a couple of times and I’ve had to get BT to fix it each time.

I recently contacted BT for another update, and I have now heard back from them that the phone box is being kept. They also told me that their engineer has attended and repaired the phone and phone box.

I hope very much that it continues to be in working order.

Seymour Road closure for carriageway works 4th-22nd March 2024

Seymour Road will be closed as per the attached map from 4th – 22nd March 2024 to allow for carriageway works by Gloucestershire Highways.

If you should require further information please contact

Although not in Podsmead ward, this will affect Podsmead residents as the number 10 bus runs along this road, and goes to and from Podsmead.

I have previously advertised Severn Trent water works taking place from the 26th to 29th March on this road.

I will try to ascertain if these two sets of works are being carried out separately or are now being combined.

Live-stream of council meetings

You can now watch meetings of Gloucester city council, including its committees, live-streamed on the council’s YouTube channel. The meetings are also recorded and uploaded to the site.

Liberal Democrat councillors have been pressing for this for several years, as a move towards greater transparency and engagement with the public.

You can find the meetings on the council YouTube channel here.

Trees in Podsmead

I chatted to the team in Tuffley Park out removing the dead trees, reported in recent months, and the tree that was downed by the recent storms.

I understand from the city council tree officer that the damaged and dead trees will be replaced, but I am not sure if they will be in the same location or elsewhere in the park.

I and my Liberal Democrat colleagues would like to see many more trees planted across the city. The Blackbridge project will see a net increase of over 100 trees.

Good news for Millstone Way and Earls Park

Two pieces of good news for the residents of Millstone Way, Earls Park.

Firstly, work has started on the link to provide access for the refuse collectors, from Manu Marble Way.

This will enable the trucks to go directly to Millstone Way and not require residents to place their refuse and recycling at the far end of the street, as up to now the refuse collectors have not been able to go as far as the top end of Millstone Way due to the narrow road and nowhere to turn.

I have confirmed with Matthew Homes that access will be via two lockable bollards which the refuse collectors will have access to, but there will not be a general cut-through.

This is great news as it comes after months of campaigning from me, and lots of wrangling between Matthew Homes, city council as the collecting authority, and county council Highways.

The second piece of good news is that I secured a proper sign on the front of 33 Millstone Way, after residents raised it with me. I wrote to the housing association that owns the block and it was installed recently.

I hope to have more news soon on other matters around Earls Park, and the Podsmead ward.

If I can help with anything, do let me know:

Seymour Road closure March 2024

Seymour Road will be closed as per the attached map, from 26th – 29th March 2024, to allow for works by Severn Trent Water.

Although not in Podsmead, it does affect residents because the number 10 bus runs to and from Podsmead along Seymour Road.

If you should require further information please let me know, or contact

Podsmead regeneration plan set for step forward

The regeneration of the Podsmead estate could take another step forward if councillors give the green light to a draft agreement for land to be transferred to Gloucester City Homes (GCH). 

Gloucester City councillors at the cabinet meeting on Wednesday 10th January could agree to sell eight acres of land to GCH to enable the ambitious scheme to go ahead.

The development would see the construction of up to 177 new affordable homes as well as new retail, recreation and community facilities along with enhanced areas of open space including a park and play area. 

The land would be sold to GCH at below market value as part of the council’s contribution to the scheme.

It is intended that the development would take place over a four-year period, starting early next year.

Among the benefits for residents are a revamped shopping area on Podsmead Road and a clearer pedestrian route linking Tuffley and Bristol Road, to make it safer for people walking to school, and accessing local sports pitches and parks. 

The development will honour the council’s commitment to the environment and to addressing climate change by minimising energy usage in the construction methods and in the energy efficiency of the new homes.

The development will also have a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) that takes account of biodiversity, water quality and flooding.

Success – Keep Clear markings in Tuffley Avenue/Newark Road

I am pleased that after urging the county council to implement ‘Keep Clear’ markings at the entrance to Newark Road from Tuffley Avenue, they have done so ahead of schedule.

I have been liaising with the local highways manager over the Tuffley Avenue traffic calming scheme since its implementation, and residents will know that I have long been skeptical about the process and the implementation of the scheme. I continue to monitor it and have recently reported the instances of smaller cars nipping between the speed bumps, which is obviously dangerous. The highways manager is aware of this and the scheme is being observed.
Do let me know if you have any questions or concerns over the continuing operation of the scheme:

Potholes to be filled in some Podsmead roads

I reported potholes in Byron Avenue and Shakespeare Avenue to the county council for filling, and I’m pleased to say they are due to be filled. Much more funding, though, needs to be allocated by the Conservative administration at Shire Hall towards fixing Gloucester’s roads. I will keep pressing for more money to go on fixing the roads and pavements in our area.

If you spot a pothole or pavement that needs fixing, or any other problem in our area, please let me know:

Planning Appeal lodged for 5G mast on Tuffley Avenue

Residents will remember the application for installation of a 5G mast on Tuffley Avenue, that was rejected last year. The applicants have now lodged an appeal. If residents wish to make new or additional comments they should send them using the instructions on the letter attached. If anyone has difficulty with this process let me know. Applications can be viewed on the council website here.
My original comments are also attached, as well as the site plans. I initially had concerns over the lack of consultation on the original application, as well as the impact on the street scene along Tuffley Avenue. Whilst we need 5G masts, I do not feel this is the right location for one.