Below are some of the campaigns I am involved in in Podsmead. Please get in touch if you would like to join me in my campaigning.

Fixing Podsmead’s roads & pavements

Many road surfaces in our city are marred by potholes and cracks. I am working hard to report and get potholes filled, pavement and footpaths repaired, and to press for timely resurfacing to be carried out on the worst roads. I will continue to lobby the Conservative administration to do more and to allocate more money to fix our roads.

Please get in touch if you know of any potholes, footpaths or poor road surfaces that need attention.

Podsmead child literacy scheme

As an English graduate I know that books and reading can be a passport to another world of the imagination.
I want to help local children to access books and reading and to improve their literacy.

I was involved in the foundation of this scheme, and worked with Linda Cohen and The Crypt School, Podsmead, going out into local primary schools and making donations of books. I allocated part of my councillor fund to Grange Primary Academy to help refurbish their library and have supported Read with Me since then.

Find more information at

If you would like to help in the literacy scheme or donate money or books, please let me know.

Supporting the community

I regularly promote Podsmead businesses and community groups, and do all I can to support them and help them to thrive. I work with partners to bring funding, help, and connections to local groups.

I was pleased to secure sponsorship for Tuffley Rovers FC from local firm Synetiq, and have brought funding from the local franchise for McDonald’s to the Podsmead community.

Improving Tuffley Park

I am working with park users, residents and the council to make improvements to the local environment and to Tuffley Park.

Working with Blackbridge

I am working with residents and the Blackbridge Charitable Community Benefit Society to deliver the sports hub and facilities. This project will enhance the local community, bringing jobs and investment to Podsmead and improving health inequalities in this historically deprived area. The BCCBS can be contacted on

Getting graffiti removed

I am campaigning to have graffiti removed in Podsmead. Graffiti is a blight on our communities and can be a gateway to other criminal activity. It can be removed from council land and buildings, but other street furniture or privately-owned buildings are more difficult. Offensive graffiti can normally be removed straight away.
Residents who see any graffiti should let me know and I will get it reported and hopefully removed.

Cleaning up our streets and alleyways

I regularly report weeds, litter and grubby streets for clean-up by the council. I have taken part in litter-picks and supported community clean-up efforts.

Helping Earls Park

Earls Park is the new housing estate off Bristol Road. I have helped the residents with streetcare issues, improvements to the area and refuse and recycling. I am pushing the developer and county and city councils to get the development finished and the parks and roads adopted.