Planning Appeal lodged for 5G mast on Tuffley Avenue

Residents will remember the application for installation of a 5G mast on Tuffley Avenue, that was rejected last year. The applicants have now lodged an appeal. If residents wish to make new or additional comments they should send them using the instructions on the letter attached. If anyone has difficulty with this process let me know. Applications can be viewed on the council website here.
My original comments are also attached, as well as the site plans. I initially had concerns over the lack of consultation on the original application, as well as the impact on the street scene along Tuffley Avenue. Whilst we need 5G masts, I do not feel this is the right location for one.

One thought on “Planning Appeal lodged for 5G mast on Tuffley Avenue

  1. Debz Leaverland says:

    Good evening Sebastian
    I totally agree, it’s not the place for the 5G mast.
    There’s also a lot of people who are concerned about the impact of the technology on the body too.
    Kind regards Debz

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