Success – Keep Clear markings in Tuffley Avenue/Newark Road

I am pleased that after urging the county council to implement ‘Keep Clear’ markings at the entrance to Newark Road from Tuffley Avenue, they have done so ahead of schedule.

I have been liaising with the local highways manager over the Tuffley Avenue traffic calming scheme since its implementation, and residents will know that I have long been skeptical about the process and the implementation of the scheme. I continue to monitor it and have recently reported the instances of smaller cars nipping between the speed bumps, which is obviously dangerous. The highways manager is aware of this and the scheme is being observed.
Do let me know if you have any questions or concerns over the continuing operation of the scheme:

Potholes to be filled in some Podsmead roads

I reported potholes in Byron Avenue and Shakespeare Avenue to the county council for filling, and I’m pleased to say they are due to be filled. Much more funding, though, needs to be allocated by the Conservative administration at Shire Hall towards fixing Gloucester’s roads. I will keep pressing for more money to go on fixing the roads and pavements in our area.

If you spot a pothole or pavement that needs fixing, or any other problem in our area, please let me know: