Well done Joseph!

Joseph is a young resident of Podsmead who has had to overcome some challenges with his loss of hearing. He is doing an amazing thing running the TCS Mini London Marathon on 20th April, to raise money for the National Deaf Association.

He’s already raised well over £500 as I write. Do support him if you are able. Click here to visit his fundraising page.

Police walkabout

It was good to have a walkabout with PCSO Sexton and PCSO White in Podsmead.

We looked at issues around parking, community safety and fly-tipping, around Oakland’s Park, Earls Park,Tuffley Crescent and Avenue and Podsmead Road. More walkabouts are planned in the coming weeks.

If you have an issue you need my help with you can contact me here:

Here are some of the ways to get in touch with the local police:

Work on the park has started

I am pleased to see that work is going on to repair and restore the area in the corner of the green space at Earls Park.

This has been being used as a storage area up till now, to the frustration of residents and me. Now that some more houses and flats have been finished, the storage area has been removed by the developer.

If the park can be repaired and enhanced up to an adoptable standard, it should then be able to be adopted by the city council as an additional area of green space, and they can then service it along with other parks in the city.

I have been pushing for this for some time so I am delighted to see progress.

The whole estate is due for completion by the end of 2024. Hopefully this date won’t slip but there is much uncertainty in the world of construction currently.

Click, call or connect?

How to contact Gloucestershire Constabulary

Click, call or connect?
We’re here to help whenever you need us. However, if you’ve never contacted the police before you may be unsure of the best way of contacting us. If you need us, we want to make sure that you’re getting through to the right teams to ensure we can provide the most appropriate help for your situation. That’s why we’re reminding people of the different ways you can contact us and what each contact route is for:


For police non-emergency reporting

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Website www.gloucestershire.police.uk


If you need to report something that’s already happened, and it isn’t an emergency, call 101

If it’s an emergency, call 999 


Speak to us in person at a police station, with one of your neighbourhood officers, or with staff on one of our mobile Neighbourhood Engagement Vehicles that visit communities around the county


Local elections 2024

There will be elections to the city council and for Police and Crime Commissioner, on May 2nd 2024. 
I am standing for reelection to the city council. You can register to vote here.
​This will be the first election in Gloucester since the new rules came in, so you now need some form of ID to vote. You can apply for a free ID by following this link. Gloucester Liberal Democrats have produced a handy advice page on their website, explaining the new rules.

Listening to Podsmead

I am currently knocking on doors in Podsmead, as I do all year round. The other parties only appear at election time when they want your vote. It’s been great to hear residents’ views on what matters to them in Podsmead. I hope to see many more people during the course of the campaign.

Five years of failure to fix the roads in Podsmead

I am currently delivering letters in Podsmead asking for views and examples of poor roads and pavements in our area.

Whilst we’ve had some successes due to persistent requests for action, such as Scott Avenue and Podsmead Road, many more roads remain in a poor state due to Conservative inaction and underinvestment at the county council.

It occurred to me that I have been pressing for Laburnum Road to be repaired since 2019, when I was first elected to Podsmead. The road surface is still bad.

I have reported the potholes once again, and have asked for it to be added to the resurfacing schedule. The highways manager hopes this will be done in 2025/6. In the meantime we will keep vigilant and report the potholes for patching as and when we see them.

Graffiti removed from post box

I’m delighted to see that graffiti has been removed from the post box on Tuffley Avenue, at my urging.

Royal Mail obviously saw my report and have actioned this.

Elsewhere in the Podsmead ward I have reported graffiti and am campaigning for its removal. It doesn’t help that the council will only remove it from council land or buildings.

So if, for example there is an electricity box or a phone box, the council will reply to say I need to contact the owner. On some of the boxes there is no information about who owns them, only a warning about voltages.

Needless to say, I will not be opening these up or looking too closely. I will leave it to the professionals.

I have reported graffiti in Tuffley Avenue, Podsmead Place and at Blackbridge. If you know of other instances in our area, please let me know.