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Sebastian Field, City Councillor for Podsmead

In July 2019 I was elected the Liberal Democrat City Councillor for Podsmead, Gloucester in a by-election. I had previously been a City Councillor for 9 years. I was Mayor of Gloucester in 2015/16.

I was re-elected in May 2021 with an increased share of the vote.

I work as a singer and teach singing in local schools. With my wife Vicki, also a singer, I co-run the GLOW Festival and several local choirs.

I have been interested in politics for many years. My other interests include reading, especially politics, history and literature, music, and well-being. I enjoy collecting and listening to vinyl records.

I work hard all year round as a local councillor for Podsmead, and I am particularly keen on projects that help raise well-being and standards of living in the ward.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Phillip Taylor says:

    Hello Seb, in the wake of Sarah Green’s wonderful victory, you emailed me to ask if I would like to join the LibDems. After years of on/off involvement with Centre Left politics, I have decided to stick with the Stroud Green Party.

    Nevertheless, I would like to congratulate you on your successful return to local politics. I sincerely hope that Gloucester’s LD’s unseat the bloody Tories. Good Luck, Phil

  2. Michael Vizor says:

    Hello Sebastian
    I am sorry to bother you but I have a serious concern that impacts not just on myself but any member of the public who transits betwixt Podsmead & Hempstead.
    Recently Gloucestershire Highways have upgraded the traffic lights on the junction of Bristol Road & Empire Way (the route onto Ashfield Industrial Estate)
    the previous traffic lights had a secondary set of lights that showed the status of traffic flow on the Southbound carriageway of Bristol Road going towards Quedgeley, this secondary set of lights have been removed during the upgrade the consequences of which mean you can no longer see which carriageways are live & active & which are showing red lights to halt.
    Travelling West from Podsmead to Hempstead you can just about make out the colour of the traffic lights from the feint reflection on the black reflector but crossing in the opposite direction you are crossing one of the busiest roads in Gloucester completely blind.
    I have just returned from Hempstead & for the third time in as many weeks have had to run the gauntlet of traffic & irate drivers.
    Last week I saw two Crypt school boys have a close encounter of the worst possible kind.
    I have contacted Highways on 18.01.22 , initially by e-mail but following another near miss I rang the emergency line but I have had no response except a confirmation of my e-mail.
    I am convinced with the amount of foot traffic the potential for a fatality is very real.
    I would be grateful if you could find a moment to ring me as I am not sure how clear my explanation of the situation is & I would like to be sure you understand this very real danger.
    Kind Regards
    Glos Highways ref: 11350365
    My moble No. 07960097064

    • Sebastian Field says:

      Thanks Michael I will take this up with the county council. Sorry it’s taken me a while to see this as it doesn’t seem to be notifying me anymore.

      Best wishes,


  3. Anthony Howard Simpson says:

    Hello Sebastian I have been asked to write to Richard Graham on behalf of the residents of Tuffley Crescent, I wish to send you a copy to keep you in the loop.
    I have tried in vane to find your postal address.
    Pleas reply as you are involved in this problem.
    Kind regards.
    Tony Simpson number 14.

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