Action on damaged brickwork at Black Bridge

The bridge running over the old railway line behind Blackbridge and The Crypt School has suffered some damage to the brickwork, and some graffiti.

I’ve reported this to Gloucestershire County Council, who own the asset and are responsible for its upkeep.

I’m hopeful that, once fixed, we can get the graffiti removed and care for this area more.

I’ve already had positive responses from partners like The Crypt School and Blackbridge Charitable Community Benefit Society, and will be arranging some community action events here.

This area in one far corner of the ward has been unloved and we could do some more to make it attractive for both people and wildlife, such as planting some more vegetation to attract animals and insects.

If you see any more damage to brickwork or graffiti in our area please let me know:

Another pesky Podsmead pothole

I reported this pothole on Byron Avenue to Highways, and it has now been filled.

It’s not far from one I got filled recently. Is another one of our road surfaces falling to bits?

The Conservatives at Shire Hall need to invest far more in our roads and pavements.

Sadly, at a recent city council meeting, a Liberal Democrat motion calling for more urgency in repairs, and more investment in Gloucester’s roads, was amended by the Conservatives to try to give their colleagues at Shire Hall a pat on the back.

If you know of any more potholes in our area please let me know:

Action on Earls Park roads and streetlights

I met recently with several residents of Dreadnaught Drive, Earls Park.

They highlighted to me again the poor state of the roads and pavements, which I know only too well from delivering and walking round the estate.

Dreadnaught Drive lacks a proper top surface for the road, and the pavements are very uneven. There are also no streetlights, so there are a number of safety issues here.

I’ve corresponded with the MD of Matthew Homes and he informs me that he is expecting a detailed programme of works from their contractor, with dates as to when things will be done.

This should be finalised this week and will be shared with all residents of Earls Park.

It’s important that there are good road surfaces in all parts of the estate, and especially here since there will soon be a pedestrian and cycle walkway through from Millstone Way to Newark Road.

I will continue to press Matthew Homes and Highways to finish all roads and missing streetlights in the estate as soon as possible, so including French Burr Place, Millstone Way, Emery Avenue etc.

Bus shelter coming soon to the Old Log Pond

Last year I campaigned for a bus shelter to be installed at the bus stop on Bristol Road, by the Old Log Pond (Costa, Gregg’s etc) which is part of Podsmead. This would enable people waiting for the bus into the city to shelter from the wind and rain.

I was told by the council that this was a viable proposal and that although there was no budget from the developer contributions at the site, hopefully they could install one and pay for it out of the regular county council budget for works like this.

A shelter was ordered and due to be installed in March this year, but due to an error by the contractor it has been delayed.

A new, correct, shelter has been ordered and I am told that it will be installed as soon as possible, and definitely within the new financial year. I would hope it will be a lot sooner than that, ideally within the next couple of months.

I will continue to press the council on this issue.

I am working hard for all parts of Podsmead, all year round.

Lib Dems vow to put the heart back into Gloucester with manifesto launch

The Liberal Democrats have launched their local election campaign in Gloucester with a vow to end 20 years of Conservative rule in the city.

They are promising to improve core services, support the local economy, deliver more affordable housing and make Gloucester carbon neutral by 2030.  

The Lib Dem manifesto, Putting the heart back into Gloucester, makes a series of pledges to improve important local services should they take control of the city council.

Voters go to the polls on Thursday May 2with the opportunity to elect 39 councillors to represent 18 wards.

The Conservatives currently have 21 councillors, the Lib Dems are the official opposition on 14, the Labour Party has just two councillors and there are two independents.

Councillor Jeremy Hilton, leader of the Liberal Democrat city council group, said only the Lib Dems could realistically form an alternative administration to the Conservatives.

“After 20 long years it is quite clear that it is time for a change,” Councillor Hilton said.

“The Conservative administration is exhausted and leaderless. 

“Several senior Conservative councillors are standing down and others are doing the same. They know they have run out of ideas and public support.”

 The Conservatives have a poor record in Gloucester and in recent years presided over the Marketing Gloucester scandal, the cyber attack, the collapse of the Aspire Trust and there are fears of the true financial health of the council after failing to publish the audited accounts.

“Our streets, parks and opens spaces are unloved and scruffy,” Councillor Hilton said. 

“Council services have been cut to the bone that even simple jobs take too long to do or do not get done at all. No wonder the council has been described as the ‘vanishing council’.

“Our manifesto Putting the Heart back into Gloucester has the vision and policies to make Gloucester a much better place to live, work and study. It can be so much better than it is today.” 

Councillor Declan Wilson, deputy Liberal Democrat leader, added: “Getting Gloucester back on track after years of Conservative decline will be the biggest challenge the city has faced in our lifetime to ensure no one is left behind.

“We will work with the private sector, charities and community groups across Gloucester to boost regeneration, create jobs and transform services in the city.

“That starts by rebuilding council services after years of underfunding and poor management by the Conservatives.”

The manifesto can be downloaded here:

Progress on refuse collection at Earls Park

I’ve been pushing the developer Matthew Homes and the city and county council to come up with a solution to refuse collection problems in Millstone Way, Earls Park.

With the installation of new lockable bollards, refuse crews can access Millstone Way from Manu Marble Way, to collect refuse and recycling. I’ve also arranged for the blocks of flats at 33 and 46 Millstone Way to get recycling boxes etc.

I hope the new system will be operational soon, now that it has had the final sign-off from the council.

Any residents of Earls Park or wider Podsmead who have issues with their refuse and recycling collection can email me on

Joseph and his amazing fundraising achievement

It was great to be able to introduce young Podsmead resident Joseph to the Mayor of Gloucester Kathy Williams.

Joseph is fundraising for the National Deaf Association by running the mini London marathon in April. He lives with hearing issues so this is a cause close to his heart.

I arranged for Joseph, his sister Elsie and his parents to come up to the civic suite and meet the Mayor and Sheriff before council last week. The Sheriff also was kind enough to show the family the civic suite.

Joseph has already more than doubled his fundraising target of £500, raising a whopping £1108 as I write.

You can support Joseph via the link here.

What a star! ⭐️

Podsmead fun day

I popped along to the Podsmead fun day this week. It was brilliant to catch up with Linda and Nicola from the charity Read with Me, who we’ve helped since their foundation.

Read with Me said this:

Out in the sunshine at Podsmead Not So Secret Book Club today with our wonderful volunteer, Nicola, and Podsmead Councillor Sebastian Field, our champion and supporter since we began four years ago!💛 Thanks to everyone at The Venture: White City for the marvellous food!🍽