Lib Dems vow to put the heart back into Gloucester with manifesto launch

The Liberal Democrats have launched their local election campaign in Gloucester with a vow to end 20 years of Conservative rule in the city.

They are promising to improve core services, support the local economy, deliver more affordable housing and make Gloucester carbon neutral by 2030.  

The Lib Dem manifesto, Putting the heart back into Gloucester, makes a series of pledges to improve important local services should they take control of the city council.

Voters go to the polls on Thursday May 2with the opportunity to elect 39 councillors to represent 18 wards.

The Conservatives currently have 21 councillors, the Lib Dems are the official opposition on 14, the Labour Party has just two councillors and there are two independents.

Councillor Jeremy Hilton, leader of the Liberal Democrat city council group, said only the Lib Dems could realistically form an alternative administration to the Conservatives.

“After 20 long years it is quite clear that it is time for a change,” Councillor Hilton said.

“The Conservative administration is exhausted and leaderless. 

“Several senior Conservative councillors are standing down and others are doing the same. They know they have run out of ideas and public support.”

 The Conservatives have a poor record in Gloucester and in recent years presided over the Marketing Gloucester scandal, the cyber attack, the collapse of the Aspire Trust and there are fears of the true financial health of the council after failing to publish the audited accounts.

“Our streets, parks and opens spaces are unloved and scruffy,” Councillor Hilton said. 

“Council services have been cut to the bone that even simple jobs take too long to do or do not get done at all. No wonder the council has been described as the ‘vanishing council’.

“Our manifesto Putting the Heart back into Gloucester has the vision and policies to make Gloucester a much better place to live, work and study. It can be so much better than it is today.” 

Councillor Declan Wilson, deputy Liberal Democrat leader, added: “Getting Gloucester back on track after years of Conservative decline will be the biggest challenge the city has faced in our lifetime to ensure no one is left behind.

“We will work with the private sector, charities and community groups across Gloucester to boost regeneration, create jobs and transform services in the city.

“That starts by rebuilding council services after years of underfunding and poor management by the Conservatives.”

The manifesto can be downloaded here:

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