Action on Earls Park roads and streetlights

I met recently with several residents of Dreadnaught Drive, Earls Park.

They highlighted to me again the poor state of the roads and pavements, which I know only too well from delivering and walking round the estate.

Dreadnaught Drive lacks a proper top surface for the road, and the pavements are very uneven. There are also no streetlights, so there are a number of safety issues here.

I’ve corresponded with the MD of Matthew Homes and he informs me that he is expecting a detailed programme of works from their contractor, with dates as to when things will be done.

This should be finalised this week and will be shared with all residents of Earls Park.

It’s important that there are good road surfaces in all parts of the estate, and especially here since there will soon be a pedestrian and cycle walkway through from Millstone Way to Newark Road.

I will continue to press Matthew Homes and Highways to finish all roads and missing streetlights in the estate as soon as possible, so including French Burr Place, Millstone Way, Emery Avenue etc.

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