Bus shelter coming soon to the Old Log Pond

Last year I campaigned for a bus shelter to be installed at the bus stop on Bristol Road, by the Old Log Pond (Costa, Gregg’s etc) which is part of Podsmead. This would enable people waiting for the bus into the city to shelter from the wind and rain.

I was told by the council that this was a viable proposal and that although there was no budget from the developer contributions at the site, hopefully they could install one and pay for it out of the regular county council budget for works like this.

A shelter was ordered and due to be installed in March this year, but due to an error by the contractor it has been delayed.

A new, correct, shelter has been ordered and I am told that it will be installed as soon as possible, and definitely within the new financial year. I would hope it will be a lot sooner than that, ideally within the next couple of months.

I will continue to press the council on this issue.

I am working hard for all parts of Podsmead, all year round.

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