Gawp word walk

Gas Projects have been working with communities and organisations to commission ten unique artworks that tell the stories of local people past and present. The artworks have been inspired by a combination of conversations and workshops with local people, as well as archive research about specific locations.

The trail also showcases the work of some of Gloucester’s most valuable and well-loved community organisations including the Podsmead Hub, The Venture, the Friendship Café and the Gloucestershire Heritage Hub.

Starting at Podsmead Hub at 10am, we will walk to visit the ten artworks that loosely follow the trainline into Gloucester.

We will be stopping for a free lunch at The Venture, White City at 12:15pm, and finish at the Gloucestershire Heritage Hub at 3pm for refreshments and a chance to speak to the artists and take part in a creative workshop.

You need not embark upon the whole walk – feel free to join us along the way.
Many of the artworks have an accompanying audio element, so bring a smart device and headphones to enjoy the full experience!

Book your space here, or just turn up on the day.

Here are all the locations you can find Word Walk art …

Podsmead Hub – Luke Smile – 15a Scott Ave, Podsmead, Gloucester GL2 5BD
Tuffley Park playground – Ery Burns – Find artwork at the Laburnum Road entrance

Blackbridge – Eleanor Harper – Back entrance to Crypt School, next to the Blackbridge

Near Robinswood Hill – Daisy May Chapman – On the footpath opposite The Hill Stores

The Venture, White City – Daisy May Chapman – Northfield Rd, Gloucester GL4 6TX

Friendship Café @ Chequers – Daisy May Chapman – Barton St, Gloucester GL4 6PR

Ayland Gardens – Daisy May Chapman – Bishopstone Rd, Gloucester GL1 4BZ

Gloucester Train Station – Trix

Kings Square – Jussara Nazaré

Gloucestershire Heritage Hub – Hope Hanni Eva – Clarence Row, Alvin St, Gloucester GL1 3DW

The Word Walk has been generously funded by Heritage Lottery Fund, Blackbridge CCBS and Voices, and is part of the wider Gloucester Art Weekend & Platform (GAWP!) which was funded by Arts Council England, Gloucester City Council, Gloucester City Homes and Create Gloucestershire

More information at

Wall at Blackbridge

The wall that runs along the bridge at the back of Crypt School, off Cole Avenue, has been damaged and graffitied.

I’ve reported it to both councils and also made the school and Blackbridge Charitable Community Benefit Society aware.

This area falls outside the land that Blackbridge will manage but I am hopeful that local partners can still meet up to do something with this land, as it has been unloved and subject to ASB for some time.

There could be a good opportunity for more planting and encouraging wildlife.

Apprenticeship opportunities in construction via Blackbridge CCBS

Interested in a local apprenticeship in construction? On 12 March from 4.30-6.30pm you can drop in to The Podsmead Hub to find out more about the roles in construction, visiting the build site of our Blackbridge Community and Sports Hub, and get support to apply for an apprenticeship with our building partner EG Carter. Apprenticeships are open to all ages, from those age 16 and considering an apprentice as an alternative to college, to adults looking to start a career in construction and learn a trade.

contact for more information

Win for residents of Earls Park as refuse and recycling to be improved

I am pleased to report that the long-awaited bollards between Manu Marble Way and Millstone Way are installed and working.

These have been installed after discussions between Highways, Matthew Homes and myself over how to improve recycling and refuse collection for residents.

Previously, because of the narrow turning circle, council refuse vehicles could not access Millstone Way all the way to the top, so residents were having to cart their bins and recycling boxes to the end of the street for collection.
The properties being constructed here are nearly complete so this is good news for these properties too.

The bollards will be on a key access for recycling crews and emergency services, and will allow access from Manu Marble Way to Millstone Way and for vehicles to reach all properties.

Matthew Homes are just awaiting a site visit from the city council to assess what their needs are. In the meantime Matthew Homes will continue to collect refuse. I am pressing the council to get this site visit asap.

Residents are advised still to take their refuse to the end of the road but hopefully this will not be for very much longer.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Taking action on graffiti in Podsmead

Graffiti is a problem across our communities in Gloucester and it needs to stop.

I’ve recently reported several instances of graffiti in Podsmead.

The Liberal Democrat group on the city council also led on a successful notice of motion, calling on the council to get tougher with graffiti and react to it more quickly.

There is a place for graffiti art, and often, local authorities will provide walls for this use. We also have some excellent graffiti-style art on the street furniture in the gate streets. However, most graffiti that we see in our wards is just pointless tagging or mindless vandalism.

If you know of any graffiti hotspots in our area, please let me know and I will report them for cleanup.

Phone box on Podsmead Road to be kept

Back in 2020 I was contacted about the possible removal of some phone boxes in Podsmead.

Several were removed but this one on Podsmead Road was given a stay, due to the pandemic.

I was told that it would be being removed in 2021/22, then that it would be kept after all, but repaired.

It has been vandalised a couple of times and I’ve had to get BT to fix it each time.

I recently contacted BT for another update, and I have now heard back from them that the phone box is being kept. They also told me that their engineer has attended and repaired the phone and phone box.

I hope very much that it continues to be in working order.

Seymour Road closure for carriageway works 4th-22nd March 2024

Seymour Road will be closed as per the attached map from 4th – 22nd March 2024 to allow for carriageway works by Gloucestershire Highways.

If you should require further information please contact

Although not in Podsmead ward, this will affect Podsmead residents as the number 10 bus runs along this road, and goes to and from Podsmead.

I have previously advertised Severn Trent water works taking place from the 26th to 29th March on this road.

I will try to ascertain if these two sets of works are being carried out separately or are now being combined.

Live-stream of council meetings

You can now watch meetings of Gloucester city council, including its committees, live-streamed on the council’s YouTube channel. The meetings are also recorded and uploaded to the site.

Liberal Democrat councillors have been pressing for this for several years, as a move towards greater transparency and engagement with the public.

You can find the meetings on the council YouTube channel here.

Trees in Podsmead

I chatted to the team in Tuffley Park out removing the dead trees, reported in recent months, and the tree that was downed by the recent storms.

I understand from the city council tree officer that the damaged and dead trees will be replaced, but I am not sure if they will be in the same location or elsewhere in the park.

I and my Liberal Democrat colleagues would like to see many more trees planted across the city. The Blackbridge project will see a net increase of over 100 trees.

Good news for Millstone Way and Earls Park

Two pieces of good news for the residents of Millstone Way, Earls Park.

Firstly, work has started on the link to provide access for the refuse collectors, from Manu Marble Way.

This will enable the trucks to go directly to Millstone Way and not require residents to place their refuse and recycling at the far end of the street, as up to now the refuse collectors have not been able to go as far as the top end of Millstone Way due to the narrow road and nowhere to turn.

I have confirmed with Matthew Homes that access will be via two lockable bollards which the refuse collectors will have access to, but there will not be a general cut-through.

This is great news as it comes after months of campaigning from me, and lots of wrangling between Matthew Homes, city council as the collecting authority, and county council Highways.

The second piece of good news is that I secured a proper sign on the front of 33 Millstone Way, after residents raised it with me. I wrote to the housing association that owns the block and it was installed recently.

I hope to have more news soon on other matters around Earls Park, and the Podsmead ward.

If I can help with anything, do let me know: