Win for residents of Earls Park as refuse and recycling to be improved

I am pleased to report that the long-awaited bollards between Manu Marble Way and Millstone Way are installed and working.

These have been installed after discussions between Highways, Matthew Homes and myself over how to improve recycling and refuse collection for residents.

Previously, because of the narrow turning circle, council refuse vehicles could not access Millstone Way all the way to the top, so residents were having to cart their bins and recycling boxes to the end of the street for collection.
The properties being constructed here are nearly complete so this is good news for these properties too.

The bollards will be on a key access for recycling crews and emergency services, and will allow access from Manu Marble Way to Millstone Way and for vehicles to reach all properties.

Matthew Homes are just awaiting a site visit from the city council to assess what their needs are. In the meantime Matthew Homes will continue to collect refuse. I am pressing the council to get this site visit asap.

Residents are advised still to take their refuse to the end of the road but hopefully this will not be for very much longer.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions.

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