Five years of failure to fix the roads in Podsmead

I am currently delivering letters in Podsmead asking for views and examples of poor roads and pavements in our area.

Whilst we’ve had some successes due to persistent requests for action, such as Scott Avenue and Podsmead Road, many more roads remain in a poor state due to Conservative inaction and underinvestment at the county council.

It occurred to me that I have been pressing for Laburnum Road to be repaired since 2019, when I was first elected to Podsmead. The road surface is still bad.

I have reported the potholes once again, and have asked for it to be added to the resurfacing schedule. The highways manager hopes this will be done in 2025/6. In the meantime we will keep vigilant and report the potholes for patching as and when we see them.

2 thoughts on “Five years of failure to fix the roads in Podsmead

  1. Michelle says:

    Might be worth people reporting it via the UK cycling app, they seem to be able to get action.

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