Taking action on graffiti in Podsmead

Graffiti is a problem across our communities in Gloucester and it needs to stop.

I’ve recently reported several instances of graffiti in Podsmead.

The Liberal Democrat group on the city council also led on a successful notice of motion, calling on the council to get tougher with graffiti and react to it more quickly.

There is a place for graffiti art, and often, local authorities will provide walls for this use. We also have some excellent graffiti-style art on the street furniture in the gate streets. However, most graffiti that we see in our wards is just pointless tagging or mindless vandalism.

If you know of any graffiti hotspots in our area, please let me know and I will report them for cleanup.

2 thoughts on “Taking action on graffiti in Podsmead

  1. GORDON SAVAGE says:

    Hello Sebastian

    The cable boxes on the corner of podsmead Road/Place are covered in graffiti
    and look a proper eyesore, it downgrades the area. Great if you could get it removed. Thanks for all you do on our behalf.

    Gordon Savage
    1. Podsmead Place

    • Sebastian Field says:

      Thanks Gordon, as I mentioned to you yesterday I have reported it for removal once more. I hope the council can identify an owner. Great to chat to you and hear about your interesting life. All best Sebastian

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