Weekly update 19.5.24

It has been another busy and interesting week as your city councillor for Podsmead.

Amongst other things I have:

🗑️ had an update from the site team at Blackbridge that access has been arranged for the city council crew to empty the overflowing litter bin

🪧welcomed news that proper signage will be installed at 12 Millstone Way and 14 Emery Avenue, Earls Park, and reminded Matthew Homes about promised street signs for other roads in EP

⚽️ attended with my wife, and Cllr Caroline Courtney, the Tuffley Rovers Football Club memorial match for Jamie Hyett, raising money for Cheltenham Oncology Unit

📅 met with the Managing Director of Matthew Homes on site at Earls Park for an update meeting – report to follow

📧 📞 responded to many resident queries

💴 🍱 spoke with a past supporter of Poets Pantry about another collection/donation event

🪵 welcomed the new fence at Earls Park, was disappointed to note damage so soon after installation, reported this to 👮 and Matthew Homes

If I can ever help with an issue, please let me know:

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